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Metal French Cleats

French cleats are the easiest to use and most universal mount for hanging our barn beam fireplace mantels.  They are a set of 2 v-shaped brackets where one side is mounted in the location the mantel will hang and the other v-shaped bracket is screwed on to the backside of the mantel in the opposite direction.  The 2 V-shaped brackets hook by simply setting one on top of the other.

Each set of cleats is rated for 150lbs and are 12" long.  Due to the mantels length it is recommended that two sets of cleats be used for our barn beam mantels.




Hollowed Mantel for Modern 2x4 Mount

This mounting technique uses a modern 2x4 that fits inside the back of the mantel.  We can hollow out any of our barn beam mantels in any size for this type of mount.

When using this mounting technique a modern 2x4 can be mounted to the wall where the barn beam mantel will hang.  The mantel will come with a carved out channel that will slip over the modern 2x4.  Screws can then be placed in pre drilled holes in the mantel securing it to the 2x4.






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